Pixel N Paper, your one stop design solution!
We offer result-driven services for brands. We provide strategic design solutions with a blend of creativity and technology to improve your brand’s digital
presence which will aid you to build conversions. Pixel N Paper primarily offers Branding, Social Media, and Animation services.



Branding, a blend of perception and reality!
Branding is a practice wherein a company creates a name, symbol or design to identify its product/service. Branding leaves a trail on consumers and allows your customers to know what to expect from your company. It establishes the identity of your company. Brand image is a carefully crafted personality of an individual or a company with an amalgamation of different illustrations. We make sure our designs match the core values of your brand.

Logo Design, Calligraphy Design, Advertising

Web Development

Web development, the fuel of a website!
Web development integrates the process to develop a website to host on the internet. It incorporates designing a single static page website to complex web-based applications, social networking sites, e-commerce structures, etc. Services we offer in web development include UI/UX design and app development (mobile, software, and PWA’s). Now that your website is ready, what next? Domain registration. Yes! Want to revamp your website and make it load with lighting speed across all devices? Need an app for your existing website? Want to own an independent e-commerce website? Want to start your own social networking site? Contact us.

UI/UX Design, App & Website Development


Want to highlight a feature of your product/services? Illustrations, your code!
Illustration is a visual interpretation of an idea, concept or a process. We provide classy illustration services across diverse industry verticals. We create interesting illustrations for e-learning, books, kids’ stories, training manuals, brochures, websites, etc. Our characters evoke emotions and speak to you. We create also 2D and 3D illustrations for product design, packaging, infographics and advertising Emphasize on key elements (use of text, font, and images) of your campaign to create a lasting impression.

Character Illustration, Storyboard Illustration, Product Illustration, Advertising Illustration


Bringing your fantasy to life!
Animation is giving wings to your imagination, literally. You cannot freeze every second and that is why animation exists.
We create the illusion of movement through a sequence of images. We work on every frame with precision. It adds depth to the story. It lets you merge real and virtual worlds.

Motion Graphics, Infographics, 2D/3D Animation

Social Media

Social media, a tool for change, to change, by change!
There are nearly 3.6 billion social media users. Social media, a platform where you and the prime minister of any country are equal. Using social media is one the easiest ways to create brand identity and engage with potential customers online. Social media engagement is a two way street. We listen. We design.

Social Media Posts, Promotional Ads


Same people, new memories! New people, new memories!
We provide commercial printing services. We print advertising copies, business cards, letterhead, envelope, notepad, calendar, catalogue, brochure, posters, leaflet, diary, sticker, t-shirt, mug, label, and photo album. Design personalization available. Our print services are cost-effective and timely delivered.

Stationery, Flyers, Brochure, Magazine, Books, Posters


New goals, new products! Same products, new designs!
Packaging is a cover of a product which informs consumers about the product. Our services are extended to primary packaging and secondary packaging. Primary packaging refers to design where the package is in direct physical contact with the product. Secondary packaging serves marketing and informative purposes. This includes use of materials, graphics, colors, illustrations, and fonts to wrap a box, a can, a bottle, or any other container.

Packaging Stickers, On-Box Design

Digital Marketing

The direct and indirect process of promoting and selling a product/service on the internet to is digital marketing. This method concisely defines your brand’s story, purpose, vision and mission. The purpose of marketing to entice prospects to opt for your product/service based on the given information.
Our digital marketing services aid you to achieve a variety of tasks.
• Define and plan your business goals and strategy
• Branding (logo, infographics, videos, website, apps, etc.)
• SEO basics
• Understand on-page and off-page optimization
• Reviewing Analytics
• Local SEO